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About A Plus Textiles

A Plus Textiles is an international supplier of towels, bathrobes, and similar textile products. We make bathrobes, bath towels, beach towels, hooded towels, sports towels, and more, each according to our clients’ specifications.

As a top-rated towel supplier, we maintain standards of professionalism and value that can’t be beaten. We genuinely care about our customers and work to accommodate their deadlines, order sizes, specifications, and personalization involving embroidery, printing, weaving, and engraving.

Most of the orders we fill are for home use, promotional use, the hospitality industry, and online retailers who want towels and robes with their branding on them. We’ve been able to build many long-term relationships with our clients over the years, and it brings us great joy to grow with the people and businesses we work alongside.

Using only premium materials and the most advanced construction methods, A Plus Textiles pushes the boundaries on innovative, durable, customized, and comfortable textile production. Every towel we produce is the best available for its intended application.

Our fabrics and dyes are free of phthalates, heavy metals, formaldehyde, AZO dyes, and all other potentially harmful substances. A Plus Textiles complies with international safety requirements and follows the latest safety regulations regarding textile manufacturing.

Why Choose A Plus Textiles

Our experience and expertise in the industry ensure your satisfaction. We know what it takes, not only to make a great towel but to do it on a schedule while dealing with multiple channels of logistics.

Each stage of production requires your approval, eliminating the chance of mistakes, misunderstandings, and delays. We’re also happy to include trim requirements such as swing tags, barcoding, and special packaging for in-store merchandising and display. You’ll receive a unique, creative, and accurate product that suits your brand’s or household’s needs and budget, saving you valuable time.


Our craftsmen have an average of more than 10 years of industry experience. We boast an extremely low defect rate and a fast production time, and we continue to improve our skills through training


We use only premium grade yarns with fewer impurities and high durability. Our dyes are free of harmful chemicals, but are colorfast and won’t fade with daily use.


We use high-speed rapier weaving machines that are 1.5 times faster than the industry standard. These machines require less human labor, resulting in fewer defects in the finished product.


Each of our craftsmen receives a comprehensive manual for our three-phase quality control process and continuously implement the steps throughout production. We also welcome third-party inspection.

What Does Our Customers Say

I am sure we will have a great time and people will love your towels.  Thank you for being so good at reminding me to get all the product made and onto the ship in time for the event. You provide the most incredible service.

Tom Landon-Smith / AROC Sport

Well Done. The order delivered on time and your towel satisfied both the client and me. We love them and are very happy with the cooperation with your company. We will definitely consider you in the future.

Catherine Pingul / Fit Service

Their product range, from plush towels to luxurious linens, consistently offers superior quality. To any business seeking a trustworthy and high-quality textile manufacturer, we at Atlantic Apparel highly recommend.

Samantha Green / Atlantic Apparel

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